Meet the Team: Brook – Meraki Thread Co.’s New Owner!

With a passion for unique finds and a local-inspired, soulful approach to retail, Brook has taken the reins of this charming boutique with an ambition to take it to new heights. Her journey into becoming the heart and soul of Meraki is a tale of inspiration and dedication. In this blog post, we delve into Brook’s vision for the store, her connection and passion for her local community, and what’s behind the essence of her personal Meraki experience. Join us as we uncover a new magic that awaits at Meraki Thread Co. under Brook’s ownership!

Hi Brook! Tell us a bit about yourself… 

Hi, I’m Brook! I grew up in Bowral NSW (where it’s freezing!) and am a proud Mum of 3; Ariel, Peyton & Ryder. I adore my Mum, she is my biggest fan and greatest supporter. I have worked in many different areas from retail early on, to corporate and tourism. Despite my experience in a vast range of industries, nothing inspired me quite like Meraki Thread & Co.

What inspired you to take on this venture, as the new owner of Meraki Thread Co.? 

I feel as though I am at a place in my personal life where I could do something for myself, something that I am really passionate about and could be my true authentic self. My kids were really supportive, pushing me to be brave and to take on this new adventure.

Have you always been passionate about fashion & retail? 

I love fashion! We moved around a lot and I found inspiration in new places and new styles. I suppose that’s why my style changes daily.

Who is the new Team at Meraki? 

It’s just me & my eldest daughter Ariel. She is amazing and has really taken to her role in the store, while she also continues her studies in Primary Education at University. Ariel now has the big task of keeping our socials up to date.

Meraki’s passion for Vintage/up-cycled fashion & recycled fabrics is what makes Meraki so unique. Do you share a similar passion and will you continue to advocate for this? 

At this stage, we won’t be doing the up/cycled vintage range but we will always be inclined to work with brands that are using recycled materials and that are environmentally sustainable. Australian owned is also a priority.

What personal touches do you hope to bring to Meraki’s existing style? 

I am still finding my feet on what else I would like to add. The brands we currently have in store are all my favourites but I will be adding my personal style to future ranges we offer.

Anything new we can expect in-store? 

Yes, loads! I will be bringing in Arnhem dresses, resort wear & more boutique styles that will be perfect to wear in our coastal lifestyle.

What do you love about Sunny Coast style?

Everything! We have the best of both with influences from the Coast and Hinterland, which gives us so many style choices. Sunny Coasters are laid back & are easy going so we like things that we can wear to lunch by the water & layer up for a cooler afternoon sunset.

What trends are you loving at the moment!

I love the 70’s vibe. Give me corduroy jeans any day. The 70’s style is one of my faves

What are 3 current staples in your wardrobe you can’t live without? 

Green Cords, my boots & my denim jacket. Basic but always works.

The word ‘Meraki’ means “to do something with passion, with absolute devotion, and with undivided attention. What does ‘Meraki’ mean to you, and what does this look like for your business? 

This is my passion. To have a store like Meraki is an absolute dream come true. I want to offer a beautiful place to shop with different brands & a super friendly, welcoming vibe.

In the age of online shopping, what do you believe sets brick-and-mortar retail experiences like Meraki Thread & Co. apart?

It’s the experience of being in the store and how it feels. Along with the instant gratification of taking your outfit or item home straight away.

Finally, what are your hopes and aspirations for Meraki Thread Co. under your ownership? 

I want everyone that walks into the store to have a great experience and to tell their family and friends. I want to offer something unique and be a part of The Wharf experience & community. I really hope my kids will be proud and feel like they too are a part of something uniquely Sunny Coast!

Where can we keep up to date with you & the team?

Definitely come visit us in-store. We are always adding new items. Also check out our Instagram, Facebook & our online store.
Instagram: @merakithreadco
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