Q&A – Meet the Team: Chris Sell – Executive Chef at The Dock Mooloolaba

Situated over The Wharf’s picturesque waters and extending back to the Marina, the Dock Mooloolaba is a crowd favourite for its expansive hosting spaces and exquisite menu!

Whilst the venue embodies that crowd-favourite charm of a local pub and eatery – the extensive and high-quality offerings of their menu exceed what we might usually expect from your ‘local’.

Specialising in smoked meats, charcoal grilled steaks, and small bites – The Dock Mooloolaba is sure to hit all the right spots for all types of taste buds; from the cultured foodies to the visiting families looking for their weekend feast to the beer guzzlers.

For this week’s Blog – we chat with Chris Sell, Executive Chef at The Dock, as he gives us a personal insight into his own culinary background, personal tastes, what he loves most about Mooloolaba – and all things The Dock!

Meet Chris Sell! Executive Chef at The Dock Mooloolaba. Hi Chris, Tell us about yourself. 

My name’s Chris Sell, and I am the Executive Chef at The Dock Mooloolaba.

Who taught you how to cook? 

My father was a butcher and an avid cook; he taught me a lot. 

What’s the first meal that you remember cooking, and do you still cook it? 

Spaghetti bolognese in home economics at high school. 

What do you cook at home when you’re off shift? 

A lot of simple stuff, nourishing soul food. 

What was your go-to first date meal?

It has to be anything with seafood! 

What inspires the dishes you create at The Dock?

Produce and the seasons! I try and stay true to my food philosophy that fresh and local is best. 

The Dock’s menu is full of dishes that showcase fresh ingredients at their best, simply enhancing the natural flavours of the produce. 

What is your favourite dish at The Dock? 

I truly love the wood-fired steaks. 

At The Dock, they cook all proteins to your liking; over a combination of charcoal and iron bark for maximum smoky flavour and char. 

The Darling Downs (MB3 + Eye Fillet) or Robbins Island Wagyu (MB9 + Sirloin) are hard to look past!  

What’s your favourite local ingredient, and how do you use it?

I love using the local prawns and tuna. 

Hard to miss is the signature sizzling prawn entree – served with smoked chilli butter, chorizo, fried curry leaves, lime and toasted ciabatta (to soak up all of those delicious flavours).

Who is your favourite celebrity chef? 

Anthony Bourdain and Fergus Henderson. 

Both men applied uniquely different styles and approaches to food – but what they shared in common is their heroing of nose-to-tail foods and their value of travel to inspire and influence.

The Queen of England, Anthony Bourdain, and Beyonce are at your house; what do you cook? 

Nice simple roast duck meal with all the trimmings

What’s your favourite thing about Mooloolaba? 

The location, the views and the beers we have on tap. 

From the second you walk into the Dock – it’s clear that we are passionate about beer! That’s why The Dock features 16 different top-quality Australian beers on tap (with more available from the fridge!). 

What are your best tips for people visiting the area? 

Make sure to go and see the whales if you are up here for that season (June – November!) 

Mooloolaba witnesses whales migrating both north and south during our peak season, in what’s known as the “crossover period”. We have some of the best tours and teams operating out of The Wharf Mooloolaba, including our mates over at SunReef and Adventure Rafting. 

Whether you just want to appreciate these creatures from afar or wish to get up close and personal with them as you swim alongside them, these breathtaking experiences are available right here in our blue backyard – which is pretty incredible. 

The Dock is the epitome of a casual approach to quality. So whether you’re looking for a relaxing afternoon, beer in hand, overlooking the gorgeous marina – or a sit-down dinner with family and friends, The Dock offers the answer to all! Open Monday-Sunday; 11am till late – come in, relax, and enjoy The Dock.