Meet The Chef – Ninth Street

1. What is your name and role?

My name is Chey Giles & I am the Head Chef at Ninth Street.

2. Who taught you how to cook?

I grew up cooking for my family from a young age and learnt a lot early on from my mum.

3. What’s the first meal that you remember cooking, and do you still cook it?

Um, I remember cooking a lot of meat & veg on the barbecue and yes, I still love cooking it.

4. What do you cook at home when you’re off shift?

I love to cook simple meals that are easy to eat on the go, so it’s usually always some sort of protein, fruits and veg & carbs. Not very exciting but it does the job. I do love to cook for friends and family though, so it gets a little bit more exciting when that happens.

5. What was your go-to first date meal?

I will always get a steak.

Chey Giles
6. What inspires the dishes you create at Ninth Street?

Seeing the food my family & friends enjoy and being able to really be creative with ideas that are out of the box. I love food a lot so I also gain inspiration from what I love to eat & what makes me happy when ordering food from somewhere.

7. What is your favourite dish at Ninth Street?

This is a tough one but I really enjoy the brisket and chipotle fries & the big Aussie burger.

8. What’s your favourite local ingredient, and how do you use it?

Any and all fruit and veg locally grown. We use them in so many ways, including cocktails, desserts and the majority of our food menu.

9. Who is your favourite celebrity chef?

I’m not sure if you would class them as celebrities but I am in awe of George Wintle, Jo Barrett & Matt Stone.

10. The Queen of England, Anthony Bourdain, and Beyonce are at your house; what do you cook?

Anything in Anthony’s book but put my own twist on it and make it mine.

11. What’s your favourite thing about Mooloolaba?

Definitely the vast array of people that visit & the variety of food, as well as the beach.

Now that you know a little bit more about Chey and Ninth Street, come down and try it for yourself.
See you at The Wharf