Meet The Chef – El Bigoton

Meet The Chef  – El Bigoton


Meet Alex, Head Chef, and Ana, Creative Chef and General Manager, at El Bigoton!

Alex and Ana arrived from Brazil to Sunshine Coast in 2016! They took over an old (very old) Mexican joint – El Bigoton – and, as part of The Wharf’s revamp in 2018, introduced a new El Bigoton to the world. This new El Bigoton boasted flavours from Mexico, Brazil and beyond.

We caught up with Alex and Ana to get to know more about them and El Bigoton.

Who taught you how to cook? 

Alex: My grandmother

Ana: My family, some past work experiences, and cookery school

What’s the first meal that you remember cooking, and do you still cook it?

Ana: polenta with Bolognese sauce

What do you cook at home when you’re off shift?

At the moment, whatever the kids might eat 🙂

What was your go-to first date meal? 


What inspires the dishes you create at El Bigoton? 

The authenticity. Also how ingredients and flavours are all connected throughout Latin America but with a different history behind each of them.

What is your favourite dish at El Bigoton? 

Alex: picanha PF

Ana: Fish tacos

Who is your favourite celebrity chef? 

Alex Atala because he values the native ingredients and culture of Brazil

The Queen of England, Anthony Bourdain, Beyonce are at your house; what do you cook? 

Alex: Brazilian BBQ,

Ana: Bobó (Brazilian prawns and cassava kind of curry)

What’s your favourite thing about Mooloolaba? 

Being so close to everything: beach, parks, restaurants, and the hinterland.

Alex and Ana have brought the best street food from all around Latin America to the Sunshine Coast, offering dynamic and mouthwatering dishes. El Bigoton is all about real food made from scratch –  authentic flavours and fresh ingredients!

Come and enjoy soft corn tortillas, arepas, housemade beans, Brazilian BBQ meats and much more.